Monday, May 11, 2009

tired and kranky

saturday was the eric kautzky memorial track race. i was still feeling canada, kilo and the 200 from the night before in my legs. it had been a long previous 7 days and this would prove to be a long 8th. the gentle lovers were three strong in a relatively small 13 person feild.

first up, 50 lap points. my legs were just not ready to turn yet and i forgot what sprinting every 5 laps was like. slightly overwhelming.there were moves that i didnt catch on to and sprints i didnt win. i didnt triumphantly win the final sprint, but by then it was too little too late.

miss n out or head up ass. either way i was not prepared. things got a little physical and i was caught off guard. at this point were 2 races in and i needed to wake up.

progressive points. ok. i managed to not get dropped or pulled and i even scored some points. not enough to win, but again, the last sprint, all mine.

some how on the day i pulled a 3rd place. and after the race a few of us went and had a nice surprise birthday party for jen from bike central. i got to take home the extra beer. yeah! and since i was so exhausted, my coach told me that i had earned the next day off. that was spent gorging myself at sweetpea brunch and drinking beer on the porch.

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