Tuesday, June 23, 2009

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so i made it back from the east coast in time to do 3 races in 2 days before i got to take a break. saturday was a track race that i didnt really care about. i was there to spin my legs a little and then do a team sprint, but candi heckled me into racing the omnium. it was ok. i didnt try to hard finished 3rd and got to do some riding with dean tracy.

that night was the mississippi crit. it was kinda my first real crit ever. i didnt a 4/5 crit like 3 years ago and rode off the front and did a race at the pittsburgh oal on a borrowed bike the week before, but this xwas different. like a psycho fast 8 corner crit with gravel, 2 way racing, pot holes of death, flaming rings, jumps, a loop and clowns. well some of those things. it was fast and dangerous and brian had a bad feeling about it, so i told him that if i got a bad feeling, i would quit. with about 3 to go i got a bad feeling, so i quit. there was totally a crash that i might have gotten myself into right afterwards, too. i definatly got what i needed outof the race tho.

what dean thinks about me and this crit

the next day was the alpenrose heartbreaker. i raced the madison, keirin and points. daryl and i finished 3rd in the madison. i got 4th in the keirin final. and 3rd in the points race. kenny wiliams unfortunaly broke his collar one in the points race, but still managed to win it.

kic in a box

i then took a break for a few days and proceeded to be totally ill for the whole week. im in the bay area now feeling a little better. i went to the track today and did some madison practice to get ready for the heller avc.


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