Friday, June 5, 2009


i made it to philly. i raced at t-town on tuesday night. national champions, olympians, generally super fast dudes. 34 person field. i had 4 races that night. the first was a blazing 5 lap scratch race. i ended up pulling a 4th place. i figured that would be my best placing of the night. next up. 30 lap points. i sat in on the 1st points sprint and countered with a group of about 7. next points sprint i won and got a gap. my friend woody bridged up to me and we drilled it off the front for the majority of the rest of the race. i ended up winning that one. the next 2 races i finished with he feild and i felt a little bit more marked but it was a really good night. really fast. i got complemented by jakie simes III and marty nothstein and invited to race on friday(which i was going to do anyhow.)

the friday race has been postponed til saturday so it looks ill be skipping the sequoia show in pittsburgh to race. on a positive note ill get to see some of my friends race saturday afternoon and see the pro race in philly on sunday.

oh yeah and they butchered my name in the results:

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  1. Hi Zak,

    Would love to e-mail you about an upcoming cycling event this July! Could you drop me an e-mail