Friday, April 2, 2010

pack the sunscreen

so its been a few months eh? whats been up? well...

i got a sweet dolan road bike from bike central and did some road racing. had some mid pack finishes, a couple of flats, and even got dropped in one. definitely mediocre at best. i think im starting to get the hang of it though. patience is golden. missing the track big time.

so i went down to the bay area last week, hung out in san francisco with good friends and raced at hellyer. it was a super rad trip and racing was a blast. i needed to get some track time because im going to trinidad and tobago for two weeks to race the beacon trinidad and tobago cycling festival. its five days of racing over a week and a half. 3 days of road and 2 days of track. im not much for the beach or specifically sand, but 2 weeks in the caribbean in april. i think ill manage.

i hope to have some good stories soon.

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