Thursday, April 28, 2016

On the road again.

I am really bad at writing about races, trips and adventures I have been having. Part of the problem is the feeling that I need to catch up and recap the things I've missed but I am going to try to start fresh and write a short journal every week or of the goings on this summer. I moved out of my house last night. I put all of my belongings in storage with a friend save for what I will need for three months of traveling and racing. I am currently on my way to Seattle and I will fly out from there to Europe. I will first land in Vienna to go to a CL2 UCI race 2 hours north in Prostejov, CZE on 3-4 May. Then it's on to Berlin and the amazing race in Forst, GER on 14-15 May. The first day is a derny paced criterium on a 600m cobblestone circuit. The second day is a relatively mellow day of stayer races on an outdoor 400m track. From Germany I will head to Paris 20-21 May for a CL1 UCI track race at the worlds track from two years ago. I will also have some down time to explore Paris and maybe hop over to hangout in London. After three weeks of Euro travel I will fly to Dallas for a race on 28 May in Frisco, TX. From there I will fly to Philly and take up residence in Trexlertown for all of June and July, including track nationals which will be at the end of July. I can't wait for the adventures ahead!

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