Tuesday, February 24, 2009

hilly sublimity

two road races down with out incident or much to complain about! saturday was the 'sublime sublimity' circuit race. 50 miles for the cat 3's (4 laps plus a little extra at the end.) the roads were a little rough in spots, but the course was awesome. really painful, especially for febuary, rolling hills with a good sustained climb on every lap and no flat what so ever.

i got there a little late, due to road closures and the fact that signs only face east in that part of town, and i didnt get a good warm up or stretch in. 20 miles or so in, my knee was giving me some pain, but we had blown the field apart and were cruising along pretty good, so i just tried to ignore it. the finish was on a steep little kicker that we didnt get to see till after the last lap. 2 people got away from a the field that were too busy checking each other out. i hit i pretty hard down the last roller into the finish hill (or wall for some people who actually had to walk it) and also into the back of the masters field that we had caught in the final 200m. i had trouble getting into my little ring most of the way up and my knee didnt like that. one person snuck by me at the line, but i still came away with a 4th and some more upgrade points. according to my calculations in two races ive got 12 down and 13 to go!

now its rest week then the banana belt series for the next 3 sundays.