Sunday, March 1, 2009

banana belt #1

it was a little wet when i arrived at hagg lake but it didnt really rain steady on us for too long and the rain waited til the last lap of my race. the race itself was pretty boring over all. the most exciting thing to happen was about a lap into the race, someone dropped their water bottle. i thought i was going to miss it, but someone nicked it sideways and directly under my front wheel. i shifted my weight back for impact and "whoosh!" i got a nice refreshing blast of orange drink to the crotch. oh and i stayed totally upright. after that there wasnt too much that went on. some sketchy early season riders that like to yell at other people while being skecthy and be general roadie jerks that make me wish it was track season some more.

i waited too long and got caught in a ball of sketch at the sprint so i decided to just stay up right and finish 7th, not very tired and just out of the upgrade points, since our 44 mile race didnt make the road race mileage requirements so it was scored as a crit. 6 places deep. boo. but sam nicoletti won the 2nd lap prime (that i kinda forgot about till 200m) and jon kim won the race. both totally rad people in my field who i often make small talk and talk shit with while racing to curb my boredom. continuing to not take road too serious...

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