Sunday, March 8, 2009

banana belt #2

i should be rolling out for the start of a road race right now, but instead im sitting home, liquored up, on the internet. its pretty nice in portland right now, but hagg lake must be quite a bit worse. the race for today was cancelled. it probably snowed or something, hopefully, because i went threw alot of trouble getting ready for today.

i had my bag all packed with multiple options of clothing depending on the conditions, goo packets, hydration tablets, a few premade pb&j sandwiches. i got the riv-nut for my water bottle cage that has been audibly plaguing the cat 3 field for the past month tightened down. i cant tell you how many random people kept asking me if i got it fixed as of late. basically just short of being called out on the obra email list. and there was a party at my house last night, so i drug all of my race gear and rollers over to elena's house for a bike racer slumber party.

she made oatmeal for breakfast. we were dragging ourselves around the house like zombies because of the spring forward time change and just as were getting ready to leave, i figure i had better check my email. and sure enough, the race had been canceled. so now what to do???

go to mfp's (my fathers place-dive bar/diner) for "breakfast." kelly benjamin and her husband bill joined elena, darrell, brent and i. there we lots of eggs, pancakes, hashbrowns, coffee and what not. i got a coffee, oj, pint of beer, whiskey on the rocks and a basket of tater tots. oh and water. yeah. elena had trouble getting her bloody mary down, but. it was 8 in the morning, so i guess its excusable. im sure we could have just done a ride instead, but i think im going to pass out for a bit and ride in the afternoon. for now im going to consider my self the banana belt #2 beverage drinking champion of the week.

update: this just in. the roads at hagg lake WERE a little white this morning.

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