Thursday, March 26, 2009

banana belt is over

well for this year at least. i didnt complete my goal of upgrading before the 2 week series, but i learned a good bit about road racing. mostly that, as i thought, its just not as fun as track racing.

the third and final race of the series had good weather, although rain threatened all day. but a small field of only. 30ish 2 riders went off early, and there teammates did their jobs really well, since the cat 3 field could not grasp how to work around 1-3 riders trying to disrupt chase efforts. frustrated and worried that this would end up like the first banana belt where i ended up not even getting a decent work out of the day, i decided to do way too much work and chasing, trying to organize and essentially teach the field how to not suck. i really didnt want to get neutralized for getting passed by the cat 4 field, since that would only give the break more distance and we would just end up passing them back eventually anyhow.

so a small field, good team presence and a field that could figure out what to do ended me up with an 8th place finish, no upgrade points, but i got a good workout. i ended up 4th place in the overall placing for the series. tied with sam for 3rd but some mitchem math puts m in 4th. i await my money eagerly. ha!

i leave you with me, at the front, towing the field around, since im smart.

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