Tuesday, March 31, 2009

peice of cake...indeed

flat and windy. as advertised.
the cat 3 field stayed together for the entire race and came down to a field sprint. the 17mi course isnt exactly scenic and doubles back over it self in a spot or two, so its kinda hard to really tell where you are in the lap especially since i was just out in the pack til we neared the end. the nice race organizers must have realized how boring the race is too and were nice enough to put out a 3k sign in addition to the 1k and 200m signs. so at 3k i moved toward the front. there were a few teams doing the same, ironclad, team o, getting there lead out trains all lined up. so i just slotted myself behind which ever looked most promising, which changed a times in the final 2k. there was a left hand turn 700m out. after that the ironclad train decided to go pretty early. after taking is pull, one of the iron clad riders put the read end of his bike firmly into my front wheel. i got pretty side ways, but stayed up right (thanks brian) and my wheel hadnt started failing yet, so i continued givin her hell. team o went at 300 or so and i just drag raced em to the line, mostly seated so my front wheel didnt decide to collapse in on it self, and finally pulled out my first road W of the year. and possibly the last 'road race' ill do this year. 28pts. cat 2 upgrade. bring on the track.