Tuesday, April 14, 2009

century steve

its been a hard couple of weeks for team beer. our friend and teammate steve has been very sick and in the hospital. alot of people have been in to see him, and while i have thought iv been to busy to go, i think that i just have a hard time seeing people in the hospital, heavily sedated and hooked up to machines. he has been in my thoughts and if everyone else could send some good thoughts his way, that would be great.

There once was a man named Steve
And while all his friends did grieve.
The smile on his face and him being in the right place,
In his loving soul we believe.

-matt case

update: it doesnt seem like steve has much time left. he is off the ventilator, his lungs are pretty damaged from being on it for so long, and for now he is on alot of morphine and the nurses and just trying to keep him as comfortable as possible for the time being. after having the tubes removed today, he was able to ask for and receive information about his condition and prognosis and communicate his wished for after his passing. ill post more information as it comes and there will also be information here: http://stevenelsonpdx.blogspot.com/

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