Monday, July 20, 2009

alpenrose avc

started the weekend off watching per break the kilo record and james win the qualifier points race on friday. first up for me was a keirin heat. lots of fast dudes, all the heats were stacked. i had duvendeck, billington and some other guns in mine, the first heat. i timed the jump perfect and help off duvendeck for the win! i wasnt as lucky in my semi-final ride. 3 moved on to the fianl but as everything stacked up in turn 3 and there was some contact and wobbling, i let off the gas and i was gapped off and headed for the 7-12 minor final.

before that i got to race the madison with jason allen as the last event of the morning session. everything was going well and then i was behind the team of dan harm and james strangeland and somebody lost control and got pulled off their bike. i thought the carnage might go up track from me, but when they hit the ground the trajectory changed and i was heading right for a bike and body at 30mph. i was able to lock it up and turn 90 degrees to the apron in to the grass, not hit any non racers including candi, and get back on the track in a matter of seconds. if it were on video, i might be as famous as the tank. they stopped the race for a minute to clean up the carnage (dans shoulder was messed up, get well soon) and then restarted everyone in about the spots that we were in. after that jason and i just started dropping teams and eventually lapped everyone before the last sprint which we also won. his bars came loose somewhere in there as well and he left me out solo for about 5 laps. good fun.

after the break was the 7-12 keirin minor final. looked more like a stacked final with dean tracy, kelyn akuna and steven mclaughry. the sprint was kinda long but tactical and not full throttle til the last straight. somehow i found enough to get around kelyn and hold off dean for the win (7th

luciano stoked about my win
photo-dean alleger

after that was a team sprint. it was dean and per with me riding 1st wheel. when i started it took my legs a bout a second to go but then eventually got going ok but not soon enough. dean and per killed the rest of it but we ended up second to the team of kelyn, adam duvendeck and travis smith who ended up breaking the track record. not to bad. i decided that i would start the points race, but probably not finish it to save some legs for the scratch. i won the 2nd points sprint and quit.
photo-dean alleger

sundays 60 lap scratch race was really fun. every lap was worth $3 to the first rider and $2 the the second rider every lap, so the pace was brisk almost the whole time. i figured id collect some cash in the first half and while keeping an eye on everyone.eventually i told myself that i wouldnt go for anymore lap premes but when id get close to the front it got really tempting to get "just one more." there were quite a few drastic moves inside on 10 to go and i chased everyone of them and at 2 to go when the real moved happened i got caught in traffic for a moment but still managed a 4th and i had won the most lap preme money!$48 dollars just in lap money. ha. jame won and beardsley got 2nd.
photo-cheryl j. wilson

my legs didnt come back around for the miss n out so not much to report there but the weekend was totally freaking awesome. amelia and andrea broke the ladies team sprint record and jen won the keirin and the sprints. big ups to charlie warner for making thi event a success. its awesome to hear people be so stoked on our avc en thought the track is a little quirky. next weekend is the fsa grand prix in seattle!

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