Thursday, July 16, 2009

state champs.

i dont fancy myself as much of a kilo rider but i have to do one at nationals as part of the int'l omnium event. i rode a 1:12.00. good enough to win that night and a pretty good time but id really have liked to make it into the 1:11's.

day 2-playing sprinter
getting the legs moving the morning after my kilo was a little rough. i rode a 12.5 200m and top seed rode an 11.86. i lost my first ride to danchez by just screwing around for too long and him getting a better half lap jump on me. i got back in thru the reps and then had to ride stephen mclaughrey. i figured that was probably not going to work out well for me since he qualified more than half a second faster than i did, but my legs were starting to loosen up. he tried to razor me from the front but had a good acceleration and came around at the line. next i rode per and it was a fun tactical sprint with a good ole fasioned back straight drag race and i got clear by turn 4.
so all of a sudden (not really, it was a long day) i was in the final ride with mister top seed kevin manskirt. we also had a fun ride. he hade his move and i got on the wheel for a second and then ran it hard. i had caught and was coming around him between 3 and 4 when he hooked me nice and clean and i backed out and jumped about to the stayers line. lesson learned. 2nd place!

then was the keirin. i won my heat with stephen and mark from bike central, john kim and the tank in it but the final was postponed til a later date because there was a crash in the womens race. anna from bike central fell and broke a peice in her lower abck. she had surgery and i believe is going to make a full recovery.

day 3-points race
i didnt know if i was going to do this race after drinking andwhatnot the night before but i fgured id at least head out there. i was excited to race with james again. they cut the race down from 150 laps to 100 which was fine by me. i spent a good bit of time on the front keeping the pace kinda high. spent a little time off the front and in the end had a pretty good time. james and i went 2nd and 1st, respectively. then we partied hard in the MOTORDOME (tm) and i saw a movie in the theater for the first time in a couple years.

next up alpenrose AVC!

2009 Alpenrose Velodrome Challenge, July 17-19 (Portland, OR) from Charles Warner on Vimeo.

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