Thursday, November 25, 2010

Burnaby is fun. Mickey mouse is dead.

Burnaby is fun. Mickey mouse is dead.  

I always have fun in Vancouver BC. Good folks. Nice train ride. And an indoor velodrome. I did two days of racing at the end of a six week training block following nationals. 3-4 endurance races a day plus sprints on one and keirins on the other. It feels like the depth of talent of endurance racing up here is making some serious gains, unfortunately there weren't any sprinters other than Jamie Shankland, who kindly picked me up from the train station and let me stay a couple nights at his place. 

We did sprints on day one and I barely went sub 12 in my flying 200. All of the rides were 3 ups until the final where Jamie and I would get to ride best out of three. We had an exciting first ride complete with bumping, grinding, bike throws and relegations. Good stuff. Jamie croosed the line first by a tire but lost for taking my dare of coming underneath and hooking me a good one. Afterwards Jamie was inspecting his rattling bike and realized that his seatpost clamping area on his look was busted and not fixable. Bummer. In the mass start races I got to know this mike sidic kid I  had heard about from super champion Tyler. Mike has some good speed and endurance and also comes from a courier backround. I look farward to racing with him more. I managed to take a lap in the points race and it was very hard with a strong bunch driving the pace and then trying to find shelter to recover once I got the lapped in the shattered field. 

The second day was keirins with enduros that don't work on there sprints much. I was wishing that Jamie were racing to spice it up a bit. I won the keirin final. I had lots more competition in the mass starts. But ended up winning the over all for the week with mike in 2nd. 

Managed to get out some while i was in town and get some hang out time with jamie and one of my favorite canadians, emeile derosnay. Also went out for some drinks with some other kids from the track mike, Jenny, jesse, and Sarah.
The next day I got to hang out with Keyln, who I forgot moved there, and another recent transplant, Ross from London. Ross being one of the sweetest dudes ever, got up at 4am and made vegan pancakes before i had to leave st 5 for my train.    

After Canada it was rest week and I was headed to meet up with my dad, grandma and little brother Cody for his 13th birthday and we were flying from Seattle to Disneyland. I had never been there before but was excited for the rides. Another track racing sweetheart, Daniel walker, works at CA Adventure and was able to get us so e free tickets!  Disneyland was fun. Convincing Cody to ride a roller coaster he wasn't sure about and then having him exclaim "let's do that again!" The next day we did universal studios which also fun. My grandma even rode all the rollercoasters.  On the way home we stopped and had dinner at pure luck with jack and Megan. Highlights are my dad repeatedly saying how much his jackfruit BBQ sandwich tasted just like a mc rib. Weird. I stayed the night at jack and megan's to be around 'normal' people for a bit and eat 'real food' before heading back to he hotel in Anaheim and then traveling back home.

Back in Portland it's cold and I'm not super motivated to get moving again. A little more than two weeks til tassie. Gotta power thru. Pics from Disney to come soon!    

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