Sunday, November 28, 2010

Records for sale

Selling records. Email me if you want any. zakkovalcik(at)yahoo(dot)com


(the) alpha control group (c) - s/t
Annihilation time- bad reputation
Annihilation time - cosmic unconciousness e.p.
Another oppressive system - s/t
Anti-flag/against all authority - split
Aphasia - s/t
Apple - a sensitive facist is very rare
Armed with intelligence/the young ones - garbage picking youth split
Assembly of god - s/t
The awakining - the burning wind
The awakining - the final feast
Axiom - impaled by chaos
Ballast - numb again
Bitchin' - it's on
Bitchin'/onion flavored rings - split
Bleed for me - you're already dead
Born dead - s/t
Brother inferior/whorehouse of representatives - slpit
Mark bruback/whorehouse of representatives - slpit
Capitalist casulties - planned community 6" oop
Capitalist casulties/macabre - split
Capitalist casulties/stack -split
Carrion - s/t
Civil disobedience - in a few hours of madness
Clancy 6/Vincent price's orphan powered death machine - split
Code 13 - a part of America died today
Combatwoundedvetern/Scrotum Grinder - split
Conelrad - bezoar.
Conflict - now you've put your foot in it
C.o.c. - dark thoughts - a tribute to c.o.c. What happens next?/holier than thou?/Caustic Christ/municipal waste
x crucial attack x - s/t
Crucial unit - iced tea
Crucial unit/killed in action - seveninchesofdestruction split
Crucial unit - moshzilla
A day in black and white - solstice
The dead hate the living - take that, world!
Deathreat - runs dry
Deathreat - s/t
Defiance Ohio/one reason - split
Del cielo/sin desires marie - split
Despair - kill
Destroy - burn this rasist system down
Diallo - diagram of a scam
Diallo - s/t
Direct control - s/t
Doom - police bastard
Don Austin - rust belt blues
Dot fucking com - s/t
D.s.-13 - aborted teen generation
D.s.-13/code 13 - 13 song split
D.s.-13 - thrash and burn
Econochrist - another vicim
The estranged -s/t
Evil robot us' - in song and in dance
Exosus/Clancy 6 - split
The faction/2 cents worth - split
Filth/submachine - this is why we are the drunks split
Greyskull/bafabegiya - split
Gunspiking - s/t
Hit me back/out of gouge - the thrashy slumber party pillow fight split ep
Hit me back/crucial section - split
Holier than thou? - s/t
Hypatia - we move at light speed
Hypatia/ robot attack! - split
Intense youth! - summer tour 2003
J church - your shirt
Kaaos - nukke ep
Kill the man who questions/del cielo - split
The leveling - s/t
Limp wrist - s/t
Local 630 - labor songs and rebel ballads
Modey lemon - you bug me
Modey lemon - double 7"
Nofx - fuck the kids
No time left - zero effort solution
The oath - s/t
Oil - better get it in your soul
Otophobia - source of confusion
Phleg camp - beaker.
Plow united/Texas criffer - transcend
Point of no return - s/t
Poxy/contaminated/endless struggle/classic assholes - 4way split
The profits - u.s. Atrocity
Project x - s/t
Q and not u - book of flags
Reason of insanity/race against time - split
Resist and exist - dare to struggle-dare to win
Robot attack - demo no. three point zero
Seven generations/gather - split
Severed head of state - s/t
Siberia - everybody dies
The sound of failure - distress signal
The spark - less slow more go
The spark - fashion rats and status whores
Spazm 151 - power songs for the kidz
Stàte of feär - s/t
Suburban death machine - fuck the scene, we're...
Tear it up - s/t
This time tomorrow - the learning
Thug murder - s/t
Total fury -committed to the core
Turn around Norman - s/t
United super villians - escapist
V/A- tear it up/fury for another/the third degree/crispus Attucks/killed in action/holier than thou? - wild in the streets skate-core compilation
The varukers - led to the slaughter
Virginia black lung - s/t
Vivisick - punks were made before sounds
Zann/funeral diner - split  


No time left - s/t


7 seconds - the crew
Abe froman - s/t
Ac/dc - high voltage
Ac/dc - dirty deeds done dirt cheap
Ac/dc - let there be rock
And I can't wait/ bob barker youth -split
Anti-flag - die for the government
Anti-flag - a new kind of army
Antiproduct - the deafening sound of grinding gears
Artimus Pyle - civil dead.
The awakening - eternal blizzard
Aus-rotten - ...and now back to our programming 
Behind enemy lines - know your enemy
Blood of Christian children - 8 tracks ep
Born against - battle hymns of the race war
Brother inferior - anthems for greater salvation
The casulties - underground army (picture disc)
Circle jerks - group sex
Circle jerks - wonderful
County z - graveyards and grocery carts
Criminal damage - s/t
Criminal damage - no solution
Crucial unit - these colors get the runs
Crude - immortality
Los crudos/spitboy - split
Damad - rise and fall
Defiance, Ohio - share what ya got
Defiance, Ohio - the fear, the fear, the fear
Detestation - s/t
Dfa - destined for assimilation
Direct control - you're controlled
Diskonto - there is no tomorrow
Diskonto - freedom is out of sight
Eric dolphy live at the five spot 1&2
D.r.i. - dealing with it
D.r.i. - four of a kind
D.s.13- killed by the kids
Europe - the final countdown
The exploited - punks not dead
A flock of seagulls - s/t
Flowers in the attic - s/t
La fraction - aussi long sera le chemin
Lars frederiksen - and the bastards
Garmonbozia - s/t
Government issue - joy ride
Guts pie earshot - distorted wonderland
Guts pie earshot - anatopia
Guts pie earshot - wait
Halo perfecto - hospitals in other countries
Harum-scarum - mental health
Harum-scarum - suppose we try
Harum-scarum - the last light
Holst - the planets
HTML/Rick gribenians - genealogies and collaborations
Lard - the power of lard
Lifes halt!/what happens next? - start something split
Lorretta Lynn - greatest hits
Madeline - kissing and dancing
Mala sangre - s/t 7"
Misery - who's the fool
nomeansno - sex mad
Nirvana - bleach
Oh shit they're going to kill us - s/t
Onward to mayhem - s/t
Ozzy osbourne - bark at the moon
Propagandhi - less talk, more rock
Q and not u - different damage
React/spazm 151 - split
React - dues ex machina
Resist an exist - Kwangju
Saxon -crusader
Scrotum grinder - the greatest sonic abomination ever
Shangri-las - gloden hits
Snoop doggy dogg - doggystyle double lp
Soophie nun squad/Abe froman - split
Soophie nun squad - pasizzle slizzles tha drizzle
Special duties - '77 in '82
Strife - in this defiance
Submission Hold - waiting for another monkey to throw the first brick
Submission Hold - unnatural disasters
Submission Hold - sackcloth and ashes
Suburban death machine - not here to make friends
Talking heads - speaking tounges
Tear it up - just can't stand it
George thorogood and the destroyers - bad to the bone
Tragedy - s/t
True if destroyed - s/t
The unseen - the anger and the truth
The varukers - vintage varukers
The varukers- bloodsuckers
V/A- Iron Columns - double lp, crust and street punk
Bodie Wagner - hobo
Wake up on fire - s/t
The weakerthans - reconstruction site
Witch - s/t

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